AMAZON fulfillmentcenter Wroclaw (PL)

AMAZON fulfillment center Wroclaw (PL) goes for BREEAM International

adamas group assists in achieving sustainability ambition
Amazon opened the virtual doors of its store in 1995 and aims to be the world’s most customer-focused company where customers can search and find everything they would like to buy on-line.

One of the largest storage and distribution centers in Europe is being built in Wroclaw (PL). It contains all products from European Amazon sites that are distributed throughout the world. Total area about 130,000m².

The development was initiated by Goodman / Amazon and they have the ambition to certify this building BREEAM with the label ‘very good’. The turnkey contractor Bremer Bau has appointed Krushina planung and adamasgroep for the realization of this sustainability ambition.

Adamasgroep is involved in the role of BREEAM AP and BREEAM international assessor

The final BREEAM certificate Very Good has been achieved.


New construction
Logistics centrum
Q4-2013 - Q4-2014

Client: Bremer sp.z.o.o

AMAZON fulfillmentcenter Wroclaw (PL) AMAZON fulfillmentcenter Wroclaw (PL) AMAZON fulfillmentcenter Wroclaw (PL)
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