Certification: BREEAM

Independently confirmed sustainability.

For your real estate and area development, sustainability is independently confirmed by certification. A development is audited through a recognized sustainability mark. In Europe,  various sustainability schemes are used, particularly BREEAM, LEED, and DNGB.


The benefits of a recognized certificate are:

  • Increase of the value of the property through an internationally recognized quality mark;
  • Understanding the sustainability performance of a building (design tool);
  • Operation benefits through awareness.


Adamas supports you in achieving the desired certificate.

Adamasgroup has licenses for:

  • BREEAM-International New Construction
  • BREEAM International Refurbishment & Fit-out
  • BREEAM Communities (master planning)
  • BREEAM In-Use (existing buildings)
  • BREEAM-NL New Construction
  • BREEAM-NL In-Use

Adamas also fulfils the role of BREEAM AP (Accredit Professional) during design and construction stages. The advisors from Adamas will guide you from precertification to the final assessment. The extensive experience in developing and advising make that Adamas works very efficiently and effectively. This deprives us of the image that BREEAM certification is (too) expensive.

For LEED and DNGB,  Adamas works with partners.

Adamas is capable to provide the additional studies and analyses required for BREEAM or other certification, through a network of proven partners.  This ranges from daylight analyses to energy use simulations and climate change adaptation strategies.   


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