Who we are

The qualities of Adamasgroup.

As with a diamond, Adamas’ value is determined by the right combinations of different quality standards.

Experience (carat weight)
At Adamas the weight is expressed in knowledge and experience in the different fields.

Integral advice and development (clarity)
Adamas contains a wide range of unique specialties, which can be used in different combinations. Guiding innovative routes, concept development and consultancy on sustainable development, are examples that are the fingerprints of the Adamas.

Colour (colour)
Although most of the projects appear to be the same, they are often tinted differently. Typical for Adamas is its innovative capacity. Within the rapid developments in the world we take a creative and active attitude. This quality aspect is pure and makes our group rare.

Shape (cut)
A rough diamond resembles so much on an ordinary pebble that most of the people would not notice. Only professionals are able to reveal the glorious beauty of a diamond. In this sense Adamas advisors are able to develop specific and surprising solutions for your sustainable development and housing ambitions, and to optimize the opportunities offered.

The word diamond comes from the Greek Adamas which means invincibility and indicates eternal loyalty.

"As with a diamond, Adamas value is determined by the right combinations of different quality standards."
adamasinternational (Düsseldorf)
Flurstraße 11 - Hof B
40235 Düsseldorf
+49 211 50 66 88 815

adamasinternational (Warsaw)
Postepu 14
02-676 Warsaw
+49 151 6349 7087
adamasgroup (HQ Arnhem)
The Curve
Meander 901 
6825 MH Arnhem
+31 (0)26 446 12 22

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